12.14.2016 My new work is now up under “RECENT WORK”

My work combines elements of dimensional abstraction, painting, writing, and gestural mark-making to form a dialogue concerning our rigid human frames and the nature of the soul and its more eternal reality. I begin by directly approaching a passage of Bible scripture; writing it down as a literal transposing onto a two-dimensional surface. As I write, I am less concerned with formal presentation and more concerned with allowing myself to be enveloped in what I am reading and how my hand naturally reacts- as if I were performing an automatic-drawing. I then compose geometrically rendered forms of paint and canvas over the scripture to form an all-enveloping and nearly architectonic container. This relationship between the static and dynamic, rigid and organic, speaks directly to the greater truth of our temporal frames and eternal souls.

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Present: I am currently working on a new body of work to be released later this year. Please follow me on Twitter or Facebook to find out more!

2.3.2015 My work has been selected to participate in the 30th Annual Positive/Negative exhibition at the Slocumb Gallery at East Tennessee State University. The show was juried by Mika Yoshitake from the Hirsshorn Museum.  The exhibition will be up from February 9 to March 6, 2015.

1.8.2015 First Friday opening at Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland, Oregon on 3/6/2015 with Peter VanFleet. Show will go through t or he end of the month.      Check it out!

12.4.2014 Toying around with some prints. I’m not sure what they are for or about; perhaps a formal exercise to prepare me for the evolution of the dimensional abstractions.

11.7.2014 I have recently been offered an exhibition opportunity with the Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland, Oregon for the early  to mid part of March; I will keep you posted about further developments, but I look forward to begin showing my work in Oregon. Please continue to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

8.21.2014:We are moving to Oregon to begin a new adventure. I will continue to produce new work and seek out further exhibition opportunities!

Have no fear NEO, I am proud to say that my work is now represented by Hedge Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Thank you Cleveland for being the conduit that has sparked my career as an emerging artist. And thank you everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging of my artistic process and gifts- you know who you are!